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You can select from a full range of currencies, stocks, oil, indices, and metals with us.
We offer them at competitive prices without re-quotes or rejection of orders.


Foreign exchange is undoubtedly the most traded and liquid market. When you trade Forex with CFDs, you're essentially buying and selling one foreign currency at a time, trying to capitalise on both short term and long term price changes. From as little as 0.0 spreads, GoDo enables you to trade on the price direction of over 50 major, minor and exotic pairs.


You can now trade CFDs on the world’s largest brands like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alphabet ,and Microsoft. GoDo’s flexible leverage, extreme low commission rates and supreme execution speeds allow you to trade long or short across all price movements.


The metals Gold and Silver are two of the most traded commodities in the world market. At GoDo, you can trade the major currencies against both Gold and Silver.GoDo’s flexible leverage, ultra-low commissions and exceptional execution speeds. This makes it easier to trade long or short on both rising and falling prices.


Indices are a measure of the performance of certain sectors or shares of the world's biggest and most widely recognized companies. Investing in CFDs on indices offers you the chance to speculate on the movements of the world’s biggest financial markets without having to delve into analysis of individual shares.


Oil, as one of the most traded and essential commodities, is viewed as a significant market driver. At GoDo, you can trade major currencies against the most popular oil in the world. Invest in rising and falling market prices with GoDo’s low commissions, low leverage, and exceptionally fast execution.


Futures are financial contracts for the specific asset to be bought or sold at a set time in the future. The final price level is determined by both parties, a buyer and a seller, and is known as the forward price. The specified date of the future payment is known as the expiration date.

We provide 6 types of accounts, each with impressive trading conditions that meet the needs of all the traders alike. In case you do not have any previous trading experience, then we would recommend you try our demo first. Once you learn the ropes right, you can open a real trading account

Standard Account Specifications

For those who are not the first day in trading, we advise opening a Standard account – a classic one.

Minimum Deposit|$ 100
Spreads|From 1.2 pips
Stop out level|50%
Lot size|0.01 to 100

Professional Account Specifications

If you are a professional trader with individual requirements, then a Professional account with competitive trading criteria is for you.

Minimum Deposit|$ 10,000
Spreads|From 0.8 pips
Stop out level|50%
Lot size|0.01 to 100

Islamic Account Specifications

Islamic Accounts are swap-free accounts you can opt for if you can not use swaps/rollover interests as it is against your religious belief.

Minimum Deposit|$ 100
Spreads|From 2.2 pips
Stop out level|50%
Lot size|0.01 to 100

Cents Account Specifications

Cents account gives a taste of trading with real funds & insight to the psychology behind the experience, with much lower risk.

Minimum Deposit|$ 10
Spreads|From 1.4 pips
Leverage|up to 1:500
Stop out level|50%
Lot size|0.01 to 100 cent lots

Institutional Account Specifications

This account is for institutions who are looking for wide variety of trading options. It is for asset managers, hedge funds & retail broker.

Minimum Deposit|$ 25,000
Spreads|From 0 pips
Stop out level|100%
Lot size|0.01 to 100

Copy Trading Account Specifications

Copy-trading allows you to directly copy the positions taken by another trader. Take advantage of our partnership with Zulu Trade.

Minimum Deposit|$ 1000
Spreads|From 1.8 pips
Stop out level|50%
Lot size|0.01 to 100

Make use of the easiest, highly reliable and functionally efficient trading platform! GoDo offers industry-standard Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5 for all types of accounts. Further, our MT 4 & MT 5 mobile platform enables you to use your platform without any hassles.

Demo Account

Feel free to try CFD trading on virtual accounts in a risk-free environment.

Live Account

Discover our full range of products, features and trading tools here.

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