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Gold, the most precious metal of all, is often traded at the spot market. The spot price of gold is quoted in terms of US dollar per troy ounce. The most popular benchmark for deciding the gold price is the London gold fixing, ever since 1919. The representatives from 5 bullion trading firms in the London bullion market conducts a telephone meeting twice a day to decide the benchmark pricing.

Based on the intra-day spot price, Gold is traded continuously worldwide. The intra-day spot price is obtained from over-the-counter gold-trading markets across the globe.

Now, coming to the second-most loved metal with an irresistible glow- silver! The price of silver is always under speculation. It depends on its supply and demand, which is determined by the big traders or investors in general. Industrial, commercial, consumer, and short-selling demands also play a crucial role. If we compare gold and silver, silver is unexpectedly volatile in nature. It’s because of the demand fluctuations caused by the store of value and industrial uses. The lowering of market liquidity rates also plays a spoilsport here. Wide-ranging valuations in the market can cause volatility at times.

Metals Contract Specifications

Before you start trading metals, make sure that you go through the below specifications once


Underlying Market



Overnight Charges

Trading Hours (GMT)

Break Time


Gold/US Dollar




Sun 22:05 - Fri 20:45

21:00- 22:00


Silver/US Dollar




Sun 22:05 - Fri 20:45

21:00- 22:00


Gold Future




Sun 22:05 - Fri 20:45

21:00- 22:00


Silver Future




Sun 22:05 - Fri 20:45

21:00- 22:00

Product Specification

The Product Schedule should be read in its entirety. It sets out the Margin Requirements, fees and charges you will incur when dealing in our Products, the interest that you may pay or receive in respect of your Account balances and other costs you will incur. This Product Schedule describes the various Contract specifications for the Margin FX Contracts (FX) and Contracts-for-Difference (CFDs) that we offer.

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