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Trade in the crypto market swap free with up to
1:60 leverage

Trade More Than 100 Crypto

Trade the market leading cryptocurrencies with GoDo, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple directly from your MT5 platform, No wallets required

What are your benefits?

Ultra-Fast Execution
Leverage Up To 1:60
Competitive Swaps
Instant Withdrawals

Take advantage of using and investing in cryptocurrency CFDs with GoDo, our services include:

Trade BTC, Polkadot, Chainlink spreadsStellar, Dogecoin and much more Right from your MT4 and MT5 Platform
Micro Lot Trading
Trade micro lots for the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market including BTC and ETH
Reduced Spreads

Enjoy even lower spreads when you trade Ripple – Lit – Dogecoin and Shiba

What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading has two definitions, first is the act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movement via a CFD trading account as GoDo provides, as you don’t have to invest directly in the product. Instead, you’re simply trading on the real-time price movements in the market. The second is buying or selling crypto coins via an exchange.

Cryptocurrency FAQs

Cryptocurrencies are basically a digital form of currencies with the support of cryptographic security to conduct trusted transactions. The underlying technology which runs cryptocurrencies is blockchain, and it offers a ledger for documenting all transactions.  As of now, cryptocurrencies are Just like standard currencies, as it can be used as payment and exchanged for goods and services. 

Blockchain is a sort of a decentralized technology that helps in secure transfer of the ownership of units of value by leveraging proof of work consensus and public-key encryption methods. Blockchain leverages decentralized consensus for maintaining the network, thereby excluding intermediaries such as government, banks, or corporations from the process.  This makes blockchain technology  highly secure and adds to its trustworthiness. 

That’s a very common question especially among beginners, which point towards the implication of control and ownership of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain does not allocate control to a single entity in the case of cryptocurrencies. However, the creators or developers of cryptocurrencies can set specific parameters such as rules for purchasing or selling cryptocurrency. 

When trading for example Bitcoin as a CFD, you are effectively buying and selling the price movements of that financial product. Which allows you to benefit from the volatility that exists in the market for Bitcoin, but you don’t own Bitcon as a currency. 

One of the common reasons for popularity of cryptocurrencies refers to the assumptions suggesting that cryptocurrencies are the currency of the future. In addition, cryptocurrencies also removing banks and other financial intermediaries from focusing on reducing the value of money.
But the most important of all, the technology behind it, blockchain, is the biggest draw for the future of crypto. Blockchain offers a decentralized system for processing and documenting transactions with better security in comparison to conventional payment systems.

Multiple Funding Options

MasterCard – Visa – International Banks – Crypto – Local Banks