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Users can choose which traders they want to follow using Performance Table, which ranks traders based on a variety of performance indicators as well as feedback from ZuluTrade’s knowledgeable community. Users can then fully customise the trades initiated by the traders based on their preferences and risk tolerance.

The platform has a number of complex features that allow customers to completely control their transactions while also benefiting from the knowledge of the traders. Users may tailor every aspect of a transaction for any currency pair and any trader, pick their own lot size, and have the number of trades managed automatically.

ZuluTrade traders ecosystem

ZuluTrade filters every trader with the utmost care, using advanced algorithms & a dedicated Trading Desk, so the investor can have the maximum potential profit.

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Social Trading Features



A sophisticated algorithm that ranks Signal Providers by analyzing a number of different factors, such as their overall performance, stability maturity, exposure, minimum equity required to follow all the trader’s positions, and other performance metrics.

Risk Management

Risk Management

The Margin-Call-o-Meter estimates how much risk the user is taking with the selected Signal Provider portfolio and settings.



A highly advanced account protection feature that monitors the performance of the users Traders 24/7, and steps in to protect their invested capital whenever needed.

Social Charts

Social Charts

Users can pick a moment on any instrument chart and share comments or insight. Exchange views with fellow followers, and ask Traders questions. They can explore trends visually and discover interesting events ("Top trades") drawn on the charts as they happen.

Benefits with ZuluTrade

Profit Sharing

A performance fee of 25% is charged on the profits generated per trading system every month. The benefit being, your interests are totally aligned to the trader’s interest and pricing for the copy trade service is transparent. Traders are only compensated when they make money for you.

Auto-pilot - Combos+

Enjoy the Benefits of Managed Portfolio Service - Combos+ Do you enjoy trading in Auto-Pilot, and prefer not to have to check your portfolio all of the time?
Would you also rather have your account managed by ZuluTrade’s Certified Management Portfolio Team? In that case, Combos+ is what you need.

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